It is not easy to forgive someone who has hurt you. But, it is suggested that you forgive the person and move forward towards a better path. It takes time, however, it would make you feel free to progress ahead in life. Following are the tips that would help you to forgive anyone for any situation.

1. Point of View – Change your perception about the situation and let go of your anger. It would be the first step towards altering your viewpoint of what has happened.

2. Share Your Pain – Talk and discuss it with someone you are comfortable with; It would help you decide on what to do next. At times, in such circumstances, our mind blocks optimism. You never know after that, quality talk you may simply forgive that person.

3. Pen it Down – Write it down of how do you feel about the situation. It will tell you whether you are ready to forgive that person or not because writing about it is another form of sharing your feelings.

4. Benefit Of Doubt – No matter what has happened to give another a chance at least to explain his/her side of the story. It would help you both to resolve the situation, ending in forgiveness.

5. Time Off – Take a good time to be away from your dear one who has hurt you. Analyze the whole scene and decide on what do you want. Taking a break would give you time to think about it.

6. Rest The Past – Let bygones be bygones. Forgiving someone is more about releasing ourselves from the bad experience, helping us to move forward in life.

7. Empathy –‘ To human is an err’. Even you may have hurt someone at some point in your life. With this thought, have sympathy with the person who has hurt you.

8. Reckon Good Times – Recall the good old days, it will help you to forgive the person of making you understand that they are not really that bad after all.

9. Be The Hero – By forgiving someone you would be proud of yourself and would recall it as a heroic act rather than as a tale of pain and sufferings.

10. Professional Help – After many attempts still you are not able to forgive the person; talk to a professional that may help you to overcome it.

11. Meditate – It will help you to calm your mind before you take any hasty decision.

12. Depression is Dark – Just because you are hurt does not mean that life has simply ended for you. Deal with the situation and face it bravely.

Source poweroflove.info