If you are not happy in a relationship, quit it. The following tips can avoid cheating on your partner.

1. Priority – Make him/her your first priority and not social networking websites or texting your friends. Recall your old days how you both used to spend time together and work on it.

2. Emotional Connection – If the couple feels that emotional attachment is diminishing such as partner unwell. Your better half is busy playing, watching soccer then it is the time that you start analyzing, where is this going, before it gets too late to resolve.

3. Keep Charm Alive – If you keep the charm alive your partner would not even think to cheat on you. Cook for your lover something special or take a bath together with aroma candles all around. Play some dirty games in bed such as sex dice etc.

4. Travel – Travelling together and exploring the world would help make your bond stronger. It would rejuvenate you and your relationship as you both would be away from work and responsibilities for a while.

5. Lovemaking – Never ever, stop your talk between the sheets. Lovemaking would enhance the emotional bond between the couple. Your partner would not even want to see another guy/girl if you both enjoy bed sessions. Keep him satisfied!

6. Games – Playing games together would help you and your mate to spend quality time with each other. Hence, go bowling or arcade games because you don’t want to be always a cuddly couple.

7. Expressions – Praise your partner with appreciation and affection such as ‘You are my Hero’, ‘You are my girl’ etc.

8. Buddy First – If your partner sees, a friend in you that would automatically enhance his loyalty towards you.

9. Be a Listener – Hearing your partner needs would not let them go in someone else’s arms.

10. Goodnight Kiss – Even if you both ended up with an argument, do give your love partner a goodnight kiss before you snore.

11. Resolve Arguments – Pay attention to the petty issues and let him/her know that you are willing to talk and resolve.

12. Maturity – Discuss what infidelity is, for your partner, as gluttonous people have a habit of eating their cake and others too, at the same time.

Source Poweroflove.info